The   company   “Metallica   Heraklis   Michaelides   LTD”   was   founded   in 1980      by      Heraclis      Michaelides,      having      worked      in      Metal Constructions   since   1960.   The   main   activities   of   the   company   are the   manufacturing   of   metal   office   furniture   and   storage   equipment, metal   shelves,   lockers   and   construction   equipment.   The   company has    a    long-lasting    experience    in    Metal    Constructions    and    has through    the    years    evolved    into    one    of    the    biggest    and    most successful organisations in Cyprus. We   employ   more   than   40   highly   skilled,   trained   and   specialised individuals    ready    to    respond    to    your    highest    expectations    and provide   the   solutions   you   or   your   customer   requires.   Our   Quality Control    policies    help    us    to    deliver    the    best    quality    products available.   We   always   seek   sincere   customer   feedback   so   that   we can    get    even    better.    We    are    committed    to    providing    quality products highlighted by constant innovation. We   not   only   produce   a   variety   of   metal   products   but   we   also   the exclusive   agents   and   resellers   of   several   products   of   reputable brands.    In    addition,    Metallika    Heraklis    Michaelides,    has    many private   clients   around   Cyprus   as   well   as   Governmental   and   Semi- Governmental organisations. We    invite    you    to    come    and    see    our    products    and    enjoy    our professionalism and hospitable services.
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M E T A L L I C A Heraclis Michaelides LTD


Pursue   excellence   and   surpass ourselves;   it   is   our   unremitting pursuit    to    become    leaders    in each   of   our   served   markets   by designing    high    quality    reliable products. We    will    add    value    to    these products           by           providing unmatched     customer     service through     our     commitment     to customer satisfaction.
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