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Filing Cabinets

Our File Cabinets are the ideal choice for office storage products suitable for A4 Papers, Contracts etc. They are strong, attractive, safe and built to last, with a fully welded construction and Key Lock. The range consists of Two, Three, Four and Six A4 Cabinets.

Drawer Chests

High quality chests designed to hold large quantities of drawings/plans. Four or Six drawers for A0 or A1 sizes.

Lockers / Cupboards

They are extremely durable and can withstand heavy use year after year. Ideal for gyms, schools, health facilities, places of employment, golf clubs, ski resorts, recreational facilities, garages, in-home gyms and more. They come in single-tiered or multi-tiered sizes to suit your space requirements.

Light / Normal Steel Shelving

Our    big    sellers    and    the    most    frequent    choice    for    the    majority    of    our customers   as   this   type   of   shelves   can   be   used   for   stock   display   and   stock storage. Ideal for factories, shops, offices or even for house use.

Heavy Duty Shelving

They can hold very heavy items due to the heavy-duty metal material which is used to make them. Ideal for storage companies, warehouses and generally anywhere very heavy stuff need to be stored.

Pigeon Holes

The best solution of keeping tidy and separated several items into different types of compartments.

Hanging Shelves

The best solution to store and display items that can be easily identified and accessed with adjustable height.

Rotisserie Barbecues

Be the master chef at any BBQ gathering with our barbecue sets. We can even custom build a barbercue according to your needs.

Other Products

Here you can find products that do not fall into one of the above categories either manufactured or imported by us.
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