Filling   Cabinets   are   constructed   out of   a   high   quality   cooled   rolled   steel having a thickness of 1mm . Ideal   for   organizing   big   volumes   of paper, A4 or lateral files. Perfect   for   industrial   or   other   heavy duty filling use. Full    extension    of    the    drawer    with strong     ball-bearing     runners     take more   than   50Kg,   making   it   easy   to open even when is fully loaded. A   central   key-lock   instantly   locks   all drawers Epoxy polyester powder coating, standard colors light grey, beige and black. Other colours ( RAL )  upon request. IN STOCK READY FOR DISPATCH
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Four different sizes to fit all your storage needs 2 Drawer Filling Cabinet 3 Drawer Filling Cabinet 4 Drawer Filling Cabinet 6 Drawer Filling Cabinet
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