Heavy Type Steel


Understanding   the   various   needs   of   our clients   and   associates,   has   always   been our    main    focus.    Based    on    this,    we created   the   Heavy   Type   Shelves ,   since many   of   our   clients   requested   storage   or display space for heavy and large items. Heavy     Type     Shelves     can     hold significantly     heavy     items,     boxes pallets   etc,   due   to   the   heavy-duty metal    material    which    is    used    for making the shelves. Can    be    adopted    to    any    product volume, weight or size. Customized   to   the   needs   of   each project   for   pallets,metal   containers or boxes Increased storage capacity Electrostatic     Powder     Coating     to ensure    long    life    under    the    most demanding conditions. MATERIAL // GALVANIZED STEEL
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Standard Colour RAL 7001 Other colours ( RAL )  upon request.