Light / Normal Steel


Our   big   sellers   and   most   frequent   choice   of the   majority   of   our   customers   as   this   type   of shelves   can   be   used   both   for   stock   display and     stock     storage     of     significantly     big amounts of different sizes of items. Tall    enough    with    space    on    the    top    and between    the    different    layers    are    ideal    for factories,   shops,   offices   or   even   for   house use.   Quick   &   Easy   to   assemble   as   is   bolt type    and    easy    to    add    or    remove    parts    to satisfy   all   of   your   needs.   Four   side   access, no X braces. Another   application   our   shelves   have,   is   the ability   of   hanging   files   for   even   more   space saving        and        more        convenience        of classification. It   can   also   be   used   for   the   construction   of mezzanine   floor   to   double   your   space   and increase your storage capacity. A   cost   saving   /   cost   friendly   solution   to   your storage needs.  Offers convenience and durability Three different types of shelf depth Ten   different   types   of   angle   height   to   suit   all of your demands. Electrostatic   Powder   Coating   to   ensure   long life under the most demanding conditions. Standard Colour RAL 7001 Other colours ( RAL )  upon request. IN STOCK - READY FOR DISPATCH
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