Cupboards are constructed in one  piece with a high quality cooled  rolled steel having a thickness of  1mm. Ideal for organizing box files,  boxes etc.   Perfect for industrial or other heavy  duty storage. Raised base keeps  content away from moisture or  direct contact with the floor.  All cupboards have three easily  adjustable shelves, extra shelves  can added.  Three-point locking system ensure  maximum security  Optional Ventilation louvers for air  flow.  Epoxy polyester powder coating  easily blends into any office  environment.  Other colours (RAL) upon request.
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Lockers are the best solution for storing

personal items, for use in locker rooms,

schools, gyms, factories.

We can design and manufacture according

to your needs in several sizes or types, with

or without ventilation louvers.  Constructed

out of a high quality cooled rolled steel

having a thickness of 1mm, in one piece for

extra stability.

We can offer shelf, hanging rail and hooks

for each locker or we can follow you needs

and design according to your requirements.

2 key locks with master-key

It can be offered in several standard types as


Single layer- with one, two or three doors

Double layer-with one, two or three doors

Three layer-with one, two or three doors

Four layer-with one, two or three doors

Download schematics & dimensions

Locker 1 Layer Locker 2 Layers Locker 3 Layers Locker 4 Layers CupBoard


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