Perforated sections according to

your engineer instructions from any

kind of material such as aluminum,

galvanized or other.  Products, that

apart from their obvious

applications, such as decorative

interior or exterior, either hanging

or mounted on walls or even to

separate rooms, have additional

properties. Energy saving is

achieved based on a system of

natural ventilation which is

generated from the rate of air that

passes through the perforated


We can carry out several projects

depending on the percentage of the

item you would like to perforate.

Slitting and cut to length line is

another service we can offer to our

customers due to the large variety

and amount of row material we

keep in our stores for our use and

for serving our customers.

Bending and cutting of material to

serve sign-makers, plumbers,

fence-makers, metal house

contractors, aluminum contractors

Manufacturing barbeque grills

Manufacturing windows/ door


Importing and reselling

office/school chairs  and desks

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